Design Challenge pt 6

Junior interns Iris and Sivi standing with their 3D printed toolboxes in front of a wood paneled wall.

This year marked our second year hosting two junior interns from the Ann Richards School for Young Women Leaders. Throughout their week with us, Iris and Sivi were tasked with designing and 3D printing a toolbox that holds items that they use in their daily lives. Below are Iris’s and Sivi’s experiences as they tackle […]

Design Challenge pt 5

An Altoids tin with 3D printed insert angled on top.

In our final installment of the design challenge series, Peter thinks outside the box while exploring the parameters of an Altoids tin and Parth fills his toolbox to the brim to include his Raspberry Pi and accessories.  Below are Peter‘s and Parth‘s experiences and thoughts on their design challenge.  Peter’s Box Who is your client […]

Design Challenge pt 4

Kevin's Box and prototype sitting propped up on a table.

In our fourth installment of the design challenge series, Kevin shows us what 20 years of product development experience looks like. And Raiza is put to the test to learn CAD. Below are Kevin‘s and Raiza‘s experiences and the outcome of their design challenge. Kevin’s Box Who is your client or intended user? I designed […]

Design Challenge pt 3

Robert's box stacked on a prototype version of the box.

In preparation for our two junior interns this summer, we tested their design challenge on ourselves. In our third installment of the series, we explore Robert and Abhi’s designs.  Robert’s Box Who is your client or intended user? Before creating my box, I owned this little Harbor Freight X-acto knife set with multiple handle storage. […]

Design Challenge pt 2

Libertad's Box cut in half with the 2D CAD version.

In preparation for our two junior interns this summer, we tested their design challenge on ourselves. It was a rush, getting through all the steps of the design process; brainstorming, sketching, CAD, prototype iteration all in just one week to match Amrutha’s and Valeria’s short time with us. We originally gave the Pump Studios team […]

Pump Studios’ Design Challenge

Amrutha and Valeria holding their 3D printed tool boxes.

In May, Pump Studios took part in the Ann Richard’s, School For Young Women Leaders, junior internship week.  We had the opportunity to host two high school juniors and provide them with real-world work experiences in an educational context. Throughout their week with us, the two girls were tasked with creating a “toolbox” that held at […]

Tools: A Love Story

Screwdrivers on a peg board.

Let’s take a moment to give a shout-out to an important part of Pump’s team. No matter what needs to be done, they’re always in the shop (sometimes even working outside in the Texas heat), ready to go, and they never complain. A few of them have been around longer than anyone remembers, and will […]

CES 2023

Abhi Shah, Raiza Newberry-Quiroz, Moxie the robot and a serving cat robot in front of a CES board.

We recently had the opportunity to witness some of the most spectacular displays, experiences, and hottest products at CES 2023. Although we didn’t see anywhere close to everything, we found that our favorite exhibits used automation to solve human problems. Below are our top exciting things that you might have missed. ROBOTICS: RapidPlan by Realtime Robotics […]

The Continuous Refinement of Product Requirements

An illustration of four boxes labeled product on them are on a conveyor belt. Inside the conveyor belt as the gears are a symbol of time, a brain, a paper that says req (short for requirements), a diamond, and a money symbol.

So, you have a great idea. The next thing you want to know is how long will it take and how much will it cost to bring it to life? Most clients who come through our doors at Pump Studios have these questions. The answers require factoring in many variables, but the first step is […]

Proudly Celebrating 15 Years!

A red boarded birthday cake that reads "Happy Birthday Pump" There is a 1 and 5 candle lit up on the cake and a gray 3D printed gasoline pump in front of the cake.

Like many of our projects, Pump Studios started as an idea—to create a company that was innovative, flexible, and ever-changing for the needs of our clients. A design firm specializing in mechanical engineering with the stability and insight to adapt to our changing environment and the evolving technology of a demanding market. We are proud […]