The bluelounge kickflip, a black laptop stand that changed the angle in which the users laptop is elevated in the back.

In designing the Kickflip, Bluelounge solved a problem of laptop ergonomics, with an integrated, compact design that maintains portability. Pump worked with Bluelounge and their manufactures to develop an over center mechanism which provides two definitive positions (flat against the computer and pivoted open). The toughest constraint was designing a mechanism to fit within the slim […]


The bluelounge Saidoka, a iPhone 4 charging station for a desk. And hand hover overs an iPhone 4 in the charging station.

Pump worked with Bluelounge to develop this unique dock that allows an iPhone to be used and charged while in a horizontal position. The dock supports the phone at an ergonomic keyboard angle allowing users the ability to effectively use their phone while docked. The major challenges addressed in the design included creating a dock that could […]


The bluelounge poriko, a extension cord with 2 North American 3-pin plug holes and 2 USB holes, mounted to a wall.

The Portiko is a visually pleasing, and highly functional extension cord, that unlike your average orange tangle, looks right at home in your environment. The design by Bluelounge allows users to showcase and elegantly store the cord when not in use, and provides USB charging directly from the business end of the cord. Pump worked closely with […]


A rendering of the minidock from bluelounge, a iPhone 4 USB charging dock.

Bluelounge had perfected the industrial design for their MiniDock, but was faced with the challenge of making the device manufacturable while maintaining the design aesthetic. The internal layout required for product functionality and the overall part shape presented a unique challenge. Pump worked with Bluelounge and their manufacturing partner to create a design that hid fasteners […]


The bluelounge Milo, a phone stand. A hand is hovering over the phone screen.

Bluelounge came to Pump with the design for a sleek micro-suction smartphone stand. The engineering challenge was discovering an assembly method that concealed any fasteners while maintaining a rigid feel. The stand also needed to be cost effective to manufacture without compromising the design aesthetic represented by the Bluelounge brand. We collaborated with Bluelounge to deliver […]


This image is of the bluelounge Jimi, a USB extension piece for the back of an Apple monitor. A hand holding a yellow USB drive next to the Jimi.

The Jimi, a design by Bluelounge, presents a USB receptacle from the rear of the iMac at the front of the display, allowing easier access for users. The primary mechanical challenge was overmolding two USB connectors, while properly constraining them in the tool, to create a form which properly fits the unique geometry of the iMac. […]


The bluelounge Kii, a compact USB-to-Lightning connector cable for iPhone to laptop connection.

Bluelounge came to Pump for help with the design of a compact USB-to-Lightning connector “cable”. The design presented several challenges, from both an engineering and manufacturing perspective. The first major challenge was how to overmold the cable so that it was flush with the USB connector body. The second major challenge was developing a push-button latch […]