The bluelounge kickflip, a laptop stand, sitting on a white background.
The blueloung Saidoka, a iPhone 4 charging station for a desk. And hand hover overs an iPhone 4 in the charging station.
The bluelounge kickflip shown two ways, up propping the laptop a high and closed.
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The bluelounge logo in gray, "bluelounge".


In designing the Kickflip, Bluelounge solved a problem of laptop ergonomics, with an integrated, compact design that maintains portability. Pump worked with Bluelounge and their manufactures to develop an over center mechanism which provides two definitive positions (flat against the computer and pivoted open).

The toughest constraint was designing a mechanism to fit within the slim profile while also providing enough preload to keep the rotating foot pressed firmly against the bottom of the computer. The internal complexity is far from evident to the user, mission accomplished.


  • System Architecture
  • Detail Design