Four color variants of the bluelounge Milo, all sitting on a white table.
The bluelounge Milo, a phone stand. A hand is hovering over the phone screen.
Two tear down renderings of the bluelounge Milo.
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The bluelounge logo in gray, "bluelounge".


Bluelounge came to Pump with the design for a sleek micro-suction smartphone stand. The engineering challenge was discovering an assembly method that concealed any fasteners while maintaining a rigid feel. The stand also needed to be cost effective to manufacture without compromising the design aesthetic represented by the Bluelounge brand.

We collaborated with Bluelounge to deliver an engineered solution that is made with a minimal number of parts. Manufacturing features, and all fasteners are hidden from view once fully assembled, allowing the Milo industrial design to stand out on its own.


  • System Architecture
  • Detail Design