Five bluelounge Kiis in a black and white pattern, highlighting their apple product pair plug device.
The bluelounge Kii on a metal key ring with two silver keys.
The bluelounge Kii, a compact USB-to-Lightning connector cable for iPhone to laptop connection.
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The bluelounge logo in gray, "bluelounge".


Bluelounge came to Pump for help with the design of a compact USB-to-Lightning connector “cable”. The design presented several challenges, from both an engineering and manufacturing perspective.

The first major challenge was how to overmold the cable so that it was flush with the USB connector body. The second major challenge was developing a push-button latch for the connector that securely holds a cap on the lighting connector without causing any harm or damage to the plug.

Pump worked closely with, and effectively communicated with the manufacturer to successfully implement the ideas.


  • System Architecture
  • Detail Design

Awards & Accolades

  • IDEA (International Design Excellence Awards) Finalist 2014