MerchSource is a full-service, vertically-integrated, retail supplier for a diverse portfolio of in-house and licensed brands, including Sharper Image. Pump has worked with MerchSource to solve strategic and complex mechanical problems on products that help MerchSource redefine product categories. Some projects only required our ideation and brainstorming to lead them in the right direction. Others […]


Anue Systems, now known as ixia, originally approached Pump for assistance on their 5288- Net tool optimizer to create a new high-density network monitoring switch. Based on those results, our next task was developing a 1U System for data centers and telecom base stations. Through both collaborations, Pump was able to help with the mechanical […]


iKey manufactures premium rugged keyboards, peripheral devices, and custom accessories. Their market segment demands nimble development cycles to meet their customers’ customized requirements and manage costs within their build-to-order manufacturing approach. Pump has helped iKey develop and test a range of their products including keyboards, monitors, and wearable devices. Projects Our Work

iFetch Landing

The Hamill family came to Pump in 2012 with a product idea where a pet interacts directly with a ball launcher to play fetch. We helped the Hamills grow that seed of an idea into a company called iFetch, offering a successful, mass-produced, consumer product enjoyed around the world. And since that early success, we […]


When the founders of ICON first came to Pump, printing concrete structures remained mostly in the domain of research institutions and secretive startups. We helped ICON develop their first printer by building it, testing it, and printing the first permitted 3D printed home in America. We have been fortunate to continue working with ICON to solve many […]


Dell has been a key client going back to the early days of Pump Studios. We have been fortunate to work with Dell’s designers and engineers across several development groups. We have solved an array of challenges including mechanisms, advanced tooling methods, complex lighting, and high-level concept execution for their next-generation products. Projects Our Work


Cooler Extras is a Texas startup that evolved to serve the unmet need of mobility for the growing class of super rugged performance coolers such as the Yeti Tundra. Pump worked with the founders to develop a premium wheel solution under the Badger brand. We then expand the product line to include tiered solutions beyond […]

American Innovations

American Innovations is a leader in ensuring the safety of oil and gas lines. The security of this infrastructure is critical, and AI makes the measurements to ensure these hidden pipelines are in good condition. Pump Studios has worked with AI over the years to create custom mechanical designs to complement their industry-leading hardware and software. […]


When the company that would eventually become AccuQuilt first approached Pump Studios and our industrial design partner, they were looking to create a consumer-friendly version of their well-known roller die-cutting machine. They hoped this would enable them to expand from a general market solution to become a larger player in quilting. The resulting design launched […]


Pump has been fortunate to assist Trimble in their mission to help the world work better. We have been a strategic partner with the Trimble team, working to bring new technologies to market in the geospatial measuring and mixed reality evaluation fields. Our ability to solve complex problems and bring innovative solutions to their marketplace have helped […]