The first generation iFetch, a white and blue dog ball launcher with blue accents and blue logo, on a reflective table top.
The iFetch Too, a white larger breed ball launcher with blue accents on the bottom, top, and ball port.
The iFetch Frenzy, a gravity feed ball dispenser, with a clear top to show you how the ball dispenser works with a multiple hole system.
iFetch Too
iFetch Too
iFetch Frenzy
iFetch Frenzy
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The iFetch logo in gray, "iFetch" with gray paw print.

The Hamill family came to Pump in 2012 with a product idea: where a pet interacts directly with a ball launcher to play fetch. We helped the Hamills grow that seed of an idea into the iFetch company. The iFetch team offers a successful, mass-produced, consumer product enjoyed around the world. And since that early success, we have continued to help iFetch develop multiple more interactive pet toys. Through the creation of each product, we have provided full-service product development assistance as their engineering team.