Spot Defender

A rendering of the Boston Dynamics Spot robot with the Trimble spot defender mount and laser attached to it's back.

The Spot Defender is a rugged mount that allows the Trimble X7 3D laser scanner to be remotely operated on the back of a Boston Dynamics Spot robot. There were several key requirements needed for a successful marriage of these technologies. The mount needed to properly position the X7 relative to all of the other accessories potentially […]

Connect for Hololens

A rendering of the Trimble Connect for Hololens. A white hard hat, the gray hard hat mounts, the Trimble Hololens, and the safety locks and strap.

Trimble Connect for Hololens utilizes mixed-reality technology, allowing workers to view virtual design information precisely overlaid in the context of a physical industrial setting, such as a construction job site. In order to achieve this, Trimble approached Pump Studios for a reliable solution that allows their customers to comfortably wear the Microsoft Hololens while also […]

XR10 with Hololens 2

A rendering of the Trimble XR10 and the Connect for Hololens. Two hard hats and their virtual reality glasses.

In January 2018, Trimble launched the first and only Microsoft supported integration of a hard hat + Hololens, developed at Pump Studios. This integrated solution was so successful that it was clear there was a strong market demand for mixed reality in environments that require PPE (personal protection equipment). With this success, Microsoft and Trimble partnered early on […]


A woman in black wearing the Trimble XR10 with the Holotint sunglasses in hand.

The Hololens is an augmented reality headset that is designed to be used in an office environment. However, there are so many useful applications in the construction environment for mixed reality that Trimble partnered with Microsoft to develop a construction suitable version (the XR10) which we were excited to help develop. The XR10 allows the Hololens technology to be paired […]