A man wearing a gray long sleeve flannel in an indoor construction site wearing the Trimble Connect for Hololens attached to a white hard hat.
A rendering of the Trimble Connect for Hololens. A white hard hat, the gray hard hat mounts, the Trimble Hololens, and the safety locks and strap.
The Trimble Connect for Hololens and strap, sitting on a reflective surface.
Three images of the Trimble Connect for Hololens safety straps and lock in different positions.
The Trimble Connect for Hololens hard hat attachments in yellow and clear to show of the internal mechanisms.
A rendering of the Trimble Connect for Hololens' hard aht locking mechanism. Highlighting the locking screws.
Close up on the Trimble Connect for Hololens locking mechanism. The man who is wearing it has his thumb of the mechanism.
A man in a gray flannel wearing the Trimble Connect for Hololens, holding the Hololens, unlocking the Hololens and removing the Hololens.
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The Trimble logo in gray, "Trimble TM" with the spherical grid with a triangle behind it.

Connect for Hololens

Trimble Connect for Hololens utilizes mixed-reality technology, allowing workers to view virtual design information precisely overlaid in the context of a physical industrial setting, such as a construction job site. In order to achieve this, Trimble approached Pump Studios for a reliable solution that allows their customers to comfortably wear the Microsoft Hololens while also wearing a hard hat that meets the ANSI Z89 standard for impact and electrical resistance.

Pump generated a number of different concepts, and through multiple rounds of testing and refinement, narrowed down the field to the most feasible and reliable. The final solution properly positions the Hololens relative to the eyes (necessary for proper optics) and allows for vertical adjustment to optimize the viewing specifically for each user. The design’s mechanism allows for removal of the Hololens without having to also remove the hard hat, thus maintaining safety. The final design also consists of only three unique plastic parts, providing a simple yet effective solution.

Pump worked closely with the mixed reality group at Trimble, the manufacturing team, and the ANSI testing agency to ensure that the solution was delivered on time and met all strict safety requirements. In January 2018, this hard hat solution was announced at the annual international World of Concrete event to a positive reception and became the only Microsoft-approved hard hat solution for Hololens

Pump supported the project from concept development through production release. Multiple rounds of prototypes were built to evaluate the ergonomics, optics, and safety of the solution. Pump analyzed and tested these prototypes internally to ensure a smooth transition into production and the final safety testing certification.


  • System Architecture
  • Concept Development
  • Detail Design
  • Testing and Refinement
  • Production Testing and Support