A rendering of the Trimble XR10 and the Connect for Hololens. Two hard hats and their virtual reality glasses.
A top view rendering of the Trimble XR10 with clear parts to highlight the internal mechanisms.
Two renderings of the Trimble XR10s attached to white hard hats.
Two renderings of the backs of two white hard hats with the Trimble XR10 on them.
The Trimble XR10 mounted to a wood grained table with a mechanic hinge testing unit attached to the front of the unit.
A worker with yellow gloves in a construction warehouse, wearing the Trimble XR10. He has two finders up in a pinch position.
Trimble: XR10 01
Trimble: XR10 02
Trimble: XR10 03
Trimble: XR10 04
Trimble: XR10 05
Trimble: XR10 06
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The Trimble logo in gray, "Trimble TM" with the spherical grid with a triangle behind it.

XR10 with Hololens 2

In January 2018, Trimble launched the first and only Microsoft supported integration of a hard hat + Hololens, developed at Pump Studios. This integrated solution was so successful that it was clear there was a strong market demand for mixed reality in environments that require PPE (personal protection equipment).

With this success, Microsoft and Trimble partnered early on in the development of the second generation Hololens hard hat solution. Being the only team to fully solve the original integration problem, Pump Studios was the obvious partner to help develop the Trimble XR10 with Hololens 2.

Initially Pump worked directly with Microsoft to develop a reference design for the Hololens2, hardhat solution. Utilizing what became the Hololens2 Customer Kit (HCK), and leveraging experience from the first generation product, Pump helped generate several concepts that allow for adjustment of the optics and the ability to remove the optics from view, all while maintaining the integrity of the Hololens 2 optical, mechanical, and electrical performance.

Starting with this reference design, Pump worked closely with the mixed reality group at Trimble to design the XR10 and meet an expanded set of requirements compared to the first generation device. The XR10 needed to support both forward and reverse donning of the hardhat, it needed to work with a full brim hard hat in addition to the partial brim, and meet a number of international standards including PPE head protection standards (EN397, AS/NZS 1801, CSA Z94.1, and ANSI Z89).

Pump supported the program from concept through production. In addition to numerous rounds of prototype on the overall system, Pump performed extensive cycle testing and iteration of the design for the friction hinge, and worked with the hinge manufacturer to improve performance. Pump also coordinated with outside test labs, and Trimble’s internal compliance groups to help shepherd the XR10 through regulatory and reliability testing. In order to streamline manufacturing, Pump designed and delivered all of the mechanical fixtures used to assemble the XR10 in production.

We are very excited to have played such a large role in the development of the XR10 and can’t wait to see this market continue to grow.


  • System Architecture
  • Concept Development
  • Detail Design
  • Testing and Refinement
  • Production Testing and Support
  • Production Documentation
  • Compliance Testing and Support
  • Fixture Design
  • Component Cycle Testing