Parth Patel

Parth is originally from Gujarat, India. He relocated to the U.S in 2008 and earned his Mechanical Engineering degree from Oregon State University in 2020. Parth likes to observe things, finding the reasoning behind their existence and how they work, which is why he chose to pursue Mechanical Engineering as his career. His professional engineering […]

Raiza Newberry-Quiroz

Raiza (rye-zuh) was born and raised in Texas, receiving her BA in Television from Columbia College Chicago. Raiza has a fascination with compiling and managing content for social media. Previously she had her hand in social media content creation for several organizations and companies. Now, she is tasked with helping Pump tell its story and […]

Abhi Shah

Abhishek is originally from Bombay, India. He relocated to Canada in 2010 and earned his Mechanical Engineering degree from Ontario Tech University in 2014. After running his own engineering consulting business in Canada for four years he moved down to Texas and joined Pump Studios in 2021. Abhi brings experience in enclosure design & product […]

Robert Durfee

Robert came to Pump Studios after graduating from The University of Texas at Austin with a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering. Originally from Atlanta, GA, he comes from a family of engineers and designers. If it has any moving parts or flashing lights, Robert will probably try to take it apart and figure out how it […]

Libertad Escobar

Libertad (Lee-behr-tahd) joined Pump Studios shortly after graduating from Worcester Polytechnic Institute with a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering and concentration in Mechanical Design. She once visited Pump in high school for a school trip where her class was given 3D printed samples. Her undergraduate capstone project was completed in Zurich, Switzerland with the Universitätsspital Zürich […]

Celeste Lamberth

With more than 30 years of experience in financial and back office management, Celeste manages the financial, HR and operations at Pump Studios. Celeste has built the infrastructure and managed the financial instruments to handle Pump’s growing business. Prior to co-founding Pump, Celeste managed the financial growth of a well respected consulting firm, with multiple […]

Kevin Keller

Kevin is a problem solver that has worked on projects for many top companies over the years including Oakley, Dell, Motorola and many smaller clients. During that time he has worked on wide range of products including tablet PC’s, notebooks, scanners, servers, medical devices, and wearables. Kevin has experience in all aspects of product development […]

Brad Collins

Brad’s goal is to provide clients with outstanding strategic engineering, client relations, project management, and inter-company collaboration. Brad’s engineering career started out at Compaq/HP. He then moved to Design Edge in Austin, initially as a mechanical engineer, before advancing to Director of Engineering. In 2007 he amicably left DE to co-found Pump. Over his consulting […]

Peter Kaltenbach

Peter has a knack for understanding the client’s needs, managing expectations, and delivering unexpected solutions. He grew up doing construction, living off the grid, and tinkering with anything and everything. Now he enjoys tinkering and problem solving for a living. At Pump, Peter manages a lot of initial client interaction, and product architecture work. He […]