Raiza Newberry-Quiroz wearing a black vest and a white button up, smiling at the camera, and standing in front of a dark tone wood fence.

Raiza Newberry-Quiroz

Raiza (rye-zuh) was born and raised in Texas, receiving her BA in Television from Columbia College Chicago. Raiza has a fascination with compiling and managing content for social media. Previously she had her hand in social media content creation for several organizations and companies. Now, she is tasked with helping Pump tell its story and working with all the PR aspects for Pump. Raiza can also be seen helping out in the day-to-day office operations in any way she can. Outside of work, Raiza can be found in her apartment working with mixed mediums to make various kinds of art, or at her local Kickboxing gym.

Free Time: Crafting and Video Games

Loves: Competition Reality-TV

Dislikes: Green Beans

Favorite Color: Emerald Green