The iFetch's iDig, a plastic toy with blue material flaps that a dog could dig.

iFetch wanted to branch out and develop a new pet product category for dogs who like to dig. Since a pet digging toy didn’t yet exist, iFetch collaborated with Pump to define what exactly a digging toy should be. Focusing on how the dogs interact with it, and how to manufacture it. The result: iDig […]

iFetch Frenzy

The iFetch Frenzy, a gravity feed ball dispenser, with a clear top to show you how the ball dispenser works with a multiple hole system.

Expanding on an already successful brand and product line, iFetch worked with Pump Studios to develop a simple, quiet, gravity-driven, and dog-controlled addition to the their iFetch family. The iFetch Frenzy does not require a power source (no batteries, plugs, or motors) aside from an enthusiastic pet, and can provide hours of entertainment. It’s compact form, elegantly simple design, and […]

iFetch Too

The iFetch Too, a white larger breed ball launcher with blue accents on the bottom, top, and ball port.

After the success of the original iFetch product, and overwhelming demand for a larger version, the Hamill family worked with Pump to create iFetch Too. The iFetch Too has everything dogs love about the original, in a bigger, more robust package, with bigger balls for bigger dogs! Pump designed the product to withstand use outdoors with larger dogs. […]


The first generation iFetch, a white and blue dog ball launcher with blue accents and blue logo, on a reflective table top.

The Hamill family came up with a great idea, and worked with a local design firm to develop the industrial design for the iFetch. It was our job to engineer a reliable product. Through multiple rounds of engineering, prototyping, testing, and refinement we delivered a solution that stands up to even the most persistent four-legged fetching friend. Pump […]