Enterprise Solutions

A close up rendering of the Dell S5000, highlighting all of removable trays and all of the ports on the trays on the console.

Dell has long relied on Pump Studios to assist internal design and engineering teams in the development of new product architectures, complex mechanisms, and ensuring design implementation is carried out effectively across multiple manufacturing and design groups. Dell often comes to Pump with a unique challenge, and a tight schedule, and we respond with dedicated resources […]

Latitude E6000

The Dell Latitude E6000, turned away from the front to highlight the logo on the back and the 9 ports on the back and side.

Dell Experience Design Group (EDG) wanted to showcase true materials in their Latitude E6000 series using a solid magnesium frame surrounding the display and base. However, manufacturers kept saying “It can’t be done” and asking to break the frames into multiple parts. So Dell turned to Pump. Working with Dell and their manufacturing partners, we designed a […]