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Enterprise Solutions

Dell has long relied on Pump Studios to assist internal design and engineering teams in the development of new product architectures, complex mechanisms, and ensuring design implementation is carried out effectively across multiple manufacturing and design groups. Dell often comes to Pump with a unique challenge, and a tight schedule, and we respond with dedicated resources and attention to critical details. The engineers at Pump have a relationship with Dell that spans over a decade, and we have been influential in numerous generations of product.

Specific area of focus:
Networking product architectures – Pump has supported the growing networking equipment portfolio within Dell, including working with new acquisitions, evolving legacy products, and developing new high density products.

Mechanism Development – Dell relies on Pump to supplement internal engineering resources. Dell and Pump work to deploy effective mechanical solutions, necessary to ensure Dell’s reputation for best in class user experience within enterprise equipment.

Design Implementation – Pump assists Dell in ensuring industrial design intent is maintained during the manufacturing and sourcing process.


  • System Architecture
  • Design Implementation
  • Concept Development
  • Mechanism Design
  • Detail Design

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