Badger Wheels

The Cooler Extra's Badger wheels, an rugged wheel system added on to a white Yeti cooler.

Badger Wheels provide mobility for large, rugged Yeti Coolers. Cooler Extras came to Pump with a preliminary design and a wish list of enhancements and features. Ultimately Pump created an adjustable, marine-grade stainless steel system that fits a broad range of cooler sizes. Pump also developed rugged molded wheels, designed for a variety of surfaces and conditions, […]

Badger Handle

Cooler Extras' Badger line of Wheel additions. A metal handle is attached to a cooler and there is a wheel on the back of the cooler.

Building on the success of their original Badger wheel system, Cooler Extras returned to Pump wanting a handle solution that would allow users to maneuver, and level a cooler when only using a single axle. Pump went through several design iterations, ultimately arriving at a simple, lightweight design from welded aluminum. The Badger handle is as rugged as the […]

Badger Light

Cooler Extras' Badger line of an internal cooler lights. The cooler light is sitting on a reflective surface.

The maker of the successful Badger Wheel system, Cooler Extras, was looking for a simple, battery operated light for use inside coolers. The Badger Light is like a refrigerator light for your cooler. Cooler Extras tested a number of existing solutions and was disappointed by the poor battery life, lack of water resistance, and overall poor quality of […]