Cooler Extras' Badger line of an internal cooler light attached to a Yeti cooler turned on.
Cooler Extras' Badger line of an internal cooler lights. The cooler light is sitting on a reflective surface.
The Cooler Extras' Badger light teared down.
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The Badger logo in gray. "Badger" with five claw marks to the left of the text.

Badger Light

The maker of the successful Badger Wheel system, Cooler Extras, was looking for a simple, battery operated light for use inside coolers. The Badger Light is like a refrigerator light for your cooler. Cooler Extras tested a number of existing solutions and was disappointed by the poor battery life, lack of water resistance, and overall poor quality of the available solutions.

Pump engaged our industrial design and electrical engineering partners to develop a patent pending solution to their problem. The Badger Light is encased securely in two simple, molded plastic parts, incorporates a robust waterproof seal, and has no penetration of the seal for switches or battery compartments (common failure points in waterproof assemblies). To save batteries, and simplify the design, internal sensors ensure the light only turns on when needed.

Pump managed the entire development process, and delivered a unique solution, setting the bar for cooler lighting.


  • Concept Development
  • Detailed Design
  • Design Integration
  • Testing and Refinement
  • Ramp-Up and Production Support

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