The Cooler Extra's Badger wheels, an rugged wheel system added on to a white Yeti cooler.
Close up on the Cooler Extras' Badger wheel addons attached to a cooler.
Close up of Cooler Extras' Badger Wheel attached to a cooler on it's side.
The Cooler Extra's Badger Wheels standing on a reflective surface.
An illustration of the internal locking mechanisms on the Cooler Extras' Badger Wheels.
A tear down rendering of the Cooler Extras' Badger Wheels.
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The Badger logo in gray. "Badger" with five claw marks to the left of the text.

Badger Wheels

Badger Wheels provide mobility for large, rugged Yeti Coolers. Cooler Extras came to Pump with a preliminary design and a wish list of enhancements and features. Ultimately Pump created an adjustable, marine-grade stainless steel system that fits a broad range of cooler sizes. Pump also developed rugged molded wheels, designed for a variety of surfaces and conditions, and several accessories to round out the product offering. The result is Badger Wheels, a wheel system truly designed to match the durability, and reputation of the coolers it supports.


  • System Architecture
  • Concept Development
  • Detail Design
  • Testing and Refinement
  • Ramp-up and Production Support

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