The Farmstand Nook

A rendering of the Farmstand Nook being torn down to show how all the pieces and wire slot together.

The original Farmstand by Lettuce Grow brings fresh harvests to any home with 4 square feet of sunny outdoor space (or indoors with the addition of Glow Rings). The Farmstand Nook is primarily designed for indoor use and brings the Lettuce Grow experience to an even larger audience, and has an even smaller footprint. Like […]

Farmstand – Vertical Garden

A rendering of three of the Farmstands. One is cut in half to show the water and internal tubes.

Lettuce Grow was born out of a desire to make growing your own food available to everyone regardless of space, know-how, or income. The result was the Farmstand, a thoughtfully designed vertical garden growing system. The Farmstand uses 95% less water than a raised bed, needs no soil, and runs on less electricity than a light […]