A rendering of the Farmstand Nook compacted into the water basin to show how it would ship with a fully assembled Farmstand in the background.
The Farmstand Nook being assembled by a smiling mother and smiling daughter in a kitchen.
A rendering of the Farmstand Nook with clear parts to showcase the innerworkings and wires.
The Farmstand Nook's growing cups and sleeves with plants sitting on top of a blue plastic cutting board.
A rendering of the Farmstand Nook being torn down to show how all the pieces and wire slot together.
The Farmstand Nook being watered by a little girl with a metal watering can while a little boy watches.
A rendering of the Farmstand Nook to highlight the lights.
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The Lettuce Grow Logo in gray, which is a three leaf head of lettuce, "Lettuce Grow".

The Farmstand Nook

The original Farmstand by Lettuce Grow brings fresh harvests to any home with 4 square feet of sunny outdoor space (or indoors with the addition of Glow Rings). The Farmstand Nook is primarily designed for indoor use and brings the Lettuce Grow experience to an even larger audience, and has an even smaller footprint.

Like the original, the Farmstand Nook is designed to carefully direct water to each plant, providing each seedling the precise balance of water, nutrition, and light to grow healthy, nutritious plants. The Farmstand Nook grows 20 plants in less space than the original, with fully integrated lighting and water management, making it an ideal indoor growing system.

Pump Studios redesigned the grow cups for the Nook, incorporating a root sleeve management system to aid in maintenance. Pump also worked on the labeling system on the top of the cup, so the user knows what plants they have in their Farmstand when it’s time to harvest.

To meet Lettuce Grow’s challenge to bring indoor farming to more people, Pump worked closely with Lettuce Grow and designer Pip Tompkin to completely reimagine how the Nook packs for shipping and storage. All components of the Nook can be transported inside the water tank, vastly reducing the shipping volume. Increased shipping efficiency is not only a cost-saving but reduces carbon emissions making the Nook healthy for both the user and the planet.

Pump Studios has supported the design from the initial concept through production. Every aspect of this project has been prototyped, tested, and refined. We’ve literally tasted the fruits of our labor by grow testing and harvesting the fresh food along the way.


  • Opportunity Identification
  • System Architecture
  • Concept Development
  • Detail Design
  • Testing/Refinement
  • Ramp-Up/Production Support

Awards & Accolades

  • Notable Health & Wellness Award – Core Design Awards 2023
  • Notable Home & Living Award – Core Design Awards 2023

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