The AccuQuilt Go!, closed and standing upright. The hand crank is point to the left.

Pump worked closely with the industrial designers and the internal team at AccuQuilt throughout the development cycle, providing mechanical architectural layouts, technical proof-of-concept prototypes, materials selection, and production ramp-up support. One challenge during the design included selecting and testing specific materials for the gears. It was critical to select a robust material while still keeping investment and […]

Go! Baby

The AccuQuilt Go! baby, a small die cutting fabric cutter, with the cutting tray open.

GO! Baby is the smaller, lighter, lower cost version of the original GO! Fabric Cutter. Pump worked with AccuQuilt’s internal team and industrial designers from start-to-finish, providing mechanical architectural layouts, material selection, and support through prototyping and production ramp-up. With lessons-learned and the background knowledge from the original GO! Fabric Cutter, we were able to focus […]

Go! Big

The AccuQuilt Go! Big, a electric fabric die cutter, laying on its back with the front panel 3/5th open.

With the success of their GO! and GO! Baby fabric cutters, AccuQuilt’s next evolution envisioned making the GO! motorized. Once again Pump provided the full mechanical engineering design support from initial concepts into production. We worked with AccuQuilt and their industrial design partner to incorporate a motorized drive train and sophisticated safety features into a reliable product that is […]