The AccuQuilt Go! Big, a electric fabric die cutter, laying on its back with the front panel 3/5th open.
The AccuQuilt Go! Big closed on a reflective table.
A tear down rendering of the AccuQuilt Go! Big.
The AccuQuilt Go! Big fully open on a reflective table.
A rendering of the AccuQuilt Go! Big's internal mechanisms.
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The AccuQuilt logo in gray. An A in a speech bobble with, "accuquilt" next to it.

Go! Big Die Catcher

Leveraging the popularity of the Go! Big Motorized Cutter, AccuQuilt wanted to complement the product with the Go! Big Die Catcher. Pump provided mechanical engineering design support from initial concepts through production ramp-up support.  Working with AccuQuilt and their industrial design partner, the team created a stylish and stable product that catches all sizes of Go! Dies, while providing a location for the cord and power adapter.

The goal was to develop a low cost, effective product that consists of minimal parts and hardware.

Pump incorporated multiple mechanical design features to accomplish this goal, including heat stakes on the lid and push-through fastening for the rubber feet.  Ensuring comfortable usage by the customer was also a consideration.  In order to secure the lid of the Die Catcher assembly, magnets were implemented in the design. When standing, the magnets hold the lid closed, allowing for proper storage with a minimized footprint. A foot on the back of the product connects perfectly under the Go! Big which allows for the Die Catcher to hang off the edge of a table when room is limited. Working closely with the manufacturer allowed the team to dial in these features  and the result is a top-tier product for AccuQuilt.


  • Concept Development
  • Testing and Refinement
  • Ramp-Up and Production Support
  • Detail Design

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