A repeating tear down of the ixia 5288 net tool optimizer.
A rendering of the ixia 5288 – Net Tool Optimizer showing off the front and the back with two of the metal rectangular boxes.
A tear down rendering of the ixia 5288 net tool optimizer, highlighting the circuit boards in green.
The thermal key of the ixia 5288 net tool optimizer.
A front view of the ixia 5288 net tool optimizer, with the logo of the original parent company Anue.
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The ixia logo in gray, "ixia".

5288 – Net Tool Optimizer

Ixia approached Pump for assistance developing a new high density network monitoring switch. The product had a long list of requirements, including hot-swappable components (e.g. input/output trays, fan modules, and power supplies), broad temperature range with narrow component operating limits, and strict regulatory certification (NEBS Level 1).

Pump supported the product throughout the full development cycle, providing the initial mechanical architecture, performing detailed mechanical design, and supporting ixia as they brought the 5288 NTO through testing and certification. Thermal challenges were met using iterative cFD analysis and extensive testing to ensure the product would perform as expected in the field.


  • System Architecture
  • Concept Development
  • Detail Design
  • Testing and Refinement
  • Ramp-up , Production Support

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