A tear down rendering of the 1U system.
A tear down of the ixia 1U 's outer shell.
A tear down of the ixia 1U 's outer shell.
The 1U system for ixia, highlighting the hardware box with 23 different ports for plugs.
A close up on the ixia 1U system's front panel, display panel, and ports.
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The ixia logo in gray, "ixia".

1U System

Our client enlisted Pump’s engineering services to help design this product for use in data centers and telecom base stations. For reliability reasons, the client required a very simple, redundant thermal solution which would perform even after a fan failure. After evaluating the thermal problem using simulation software, Pump developed the mechanical architecture, and worked closely with electrical engineers to strategically place components to ensuring effective and efficient heat transfer. Flow simulations were undertaken to properly size and specify the fans, and validate the cooling solution. All simulations where then validated through physical testing to correlate results.

The thermal solution, and mechanical architecture became the foundation which Pump worked from to develop a production ready sheet-metal enclosure, and develop manufacturing documentation.


  • System Architecture
  • Concept Development
  • Detailed Design
  • Testing and Refinement

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