Five of the KCC line of Ultra-High Precision Frequency Converters spread out.
A rendering of the KCC scientific Apollo 24V AC frequency converter.
A rendering of the KCC Scientific Athena 40 W frequency converter.
The KCC Scientific Athena 40 W frequency converter.
The KCC Scientific Chronos 12W frequency converter.
The KCC Scientific Chronos 230 12 W frequency converter.
A rendering of the KCC Scientific Thor 100 W frequency converter.
The inside of one of the KCC Scientific frequency converter.
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The KCC logo in gray, "KCC Scientific".

Ultra-High Precision Frequency Converters

KCC Scientific was already known for their best in class performance and superior electrical design when they first started working with Pump Studios. The packaging for each KCC converter, however, was a mix of materials, methods, off-shelf and custom parts from a variety of different sources. Pump worked closely with KCC to develop a consistent design language and identify a set of standard enclosures that work as a family. Pump worked with our network of vendors to fabricate the necessary custom parts and develop efficient assembly techniques. Ultimately Pump provided KCC with a full set of documentation allowing for manufacturing at scale, both internally and with outside manufacturers.

From their original 12-Watt model, to the newest 200-Watt model, no other products in the world provide affordable, precise, voltage AND frequency conversion, with a clean sine wave output. KCC’s philosophy is to assure that their customers have a rugged and reliable power line converter for their 50 Hz products in 60 Hz countries, or for their 60 Hz products in 50 Hz countries. All of KCC Frequency Converters are designed to be ultra-high precision, good enough to accurately power any timing device.

Pump continues to partner with KCC Scientific on their expanding line of products, providing a level of mechanical design service one would expect from a fully staffed internal team.


  • Mechanical Architecture
  • Concept Development
  • Detail Design
  • Prototyping and Testing
  • Ramp-up and Production Support