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The Phoenix

One of our industrial design business partners asked for Pump’s assistance to help their client, PureWine, evolve their desired product shape of a reusable wine purifier into a manufacturable solution. We were challenged by limited space to incorporate multiple sealing interfaces and a reliable interlock around the internal wine filter cartridge. The goal was to avoid any leaks while pouring your wine, while keeping the cartridge replacement process easy to use.

The result is The Phoenix, a reusable wine purifier that allows you to filter out both the sulfites and histamines from wine without affecting the taste. Each disposable cartridge will filter a full bottle of wine. To replace the cartridge you simply twist the lid, pull out the old cartridge, replace it with a new filter, and twist the lid back into place until it clicks.


  • Concept Development
  • Detail Design
  • Testing and Refinement