There are two hands, one is holding the top of the shower caddy's tension rod and the bottom hand is holding the bottom of the tension rod. The tension rod in the middle is being elongated.
Two hands are on the Sharper Image Shower Caddy. The back hand is holding up the pole, while the front hand is pinching the locking knob.
A rendering of a dark colored bathroom with the Sharper Image Shower Caddy to the left. The three layer caddy is holding different products like squirt bottles, toothbrushes, and a washcloth.
This is a close up of the shower caddy in a shower, showing off three layers of the shower caddy.
A rendering of a bathroom with a sink, toilet, and shower. Inside the shower there is a metal shower caddy.
A close up rendering of the mechanics of the Shower caddy, using a tension rod and a mechanism to lock the tension rod.
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The MerchSource logo in gray, "MerchSource a ThreeSixty Group Company" with 8 dots to the left side.

Sharper Image – Spastudio Shower Caddy

MerchSource approached Pump Studios with a desire to improve the shower caddy category of tension poles. One of the biggest challenges was providing an adjustment/locking mechanism that did not violate competitive patents. Accessories that mount to the pole must also be easily adjusted without impacting the tension pole position.

Pump brainstormed different ways to adjust the height, and provide final tension and lockout, settling on a sliding ratchet lockout. We also worked on several concepts for the accessories that slide up and down the pole and easily lock in place. Pump provided detailed databases that the manufacturer used as a reference for starting their final detailed design.


  • Concept Generation
  • Concept Evaluation
  • Prototyping
  • Mechanical Design
  • Detailed Design / DFM

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