This is a rendering of two pebbl mediation chairs. On is facing forward and open. The other is close and facing away.
This is a rendering of the pebbl mediation chair with only the plastic and metal pieces. All of the pieces are separated from one another with the hardware lifted above where is should be inserted.
The Pebbl mediation chair without cushions. There are magnetic indentions where the cushion magnets can lay flat in the chair's skeleton.
A close up of the hinge on Pebbl meditation chair. The chair has no cushions in it. This highlights the metal pieces that lay under the cushions and attach to the hinge.
This is a close up rendering of the hinge of the Pebbl mediation chair's hinge. There are multiple pieces all connected to a big metal spring in the middle of the hinge.
A pink foam prototype Pump Studios made of the pebbl mediation chair.
The Pebbl meditation chair at a 3/4 angle. There are three cushions on the chair, two gray and one white, the pebble logo is in the middle of the top one.
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The pebble logo in gray "Pebbl portable soul support" with two rocks, one smaller above the larger.


The Pebbl is the first physical product developed by Soul Sparks Collective.

The Pebbl is a posture-promoting floor chair designed to comfortably bring you in contact with your surroundings and allow you to focus on the moment, while sitting comfortably in various meditation poses.

Pump worked with Soul Sparks Collective and their design partner to design, prototype, and evaluate the Pebbl chair. The key features include a hinge that allows the chair to stay open comfortably while providing good back support and strength (when people lean back). The chair offers easily removable and washable cushions. And it is portable, allowing users to bring their Pebbl with them and practice mindfulness anywhere.

Pump helped engineer a solution that met these requirements, while also delivering a rugged and durable solution. We worked directly with the manufacturer to ease fabrication and assembly while also optimizing the cost to build.


  • Concept Generation
  • Design Implementation
  • Prototyping
  • Mechanical Design
  • Detailed Design / DFM
  • Production Support