The Onnit 27 lb Harpy Legend Bell
The Onnit 72 lb Gorilla Primal Bell.
The Onnit kettle bells product line, in order from smallest to largest from left to right: a howler monkey, a chimpanzee, an orangutan, and a gorilla all placed on a reflective surface.
A weight breakdown of the Onnit Quad 25 lb Mace.
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The Onnit logo in gray, "onnit".

Onnit Fitness Equipment

Onnit, a brand known originally for supplements, came to Pump as they were expanding into fitness equipment. Working with a skilled artist, Onnit developed the visual design for several lines of kettlebellsmaces, and accessories. Pump scanned the original sculptures, and worked with manufacturers, and Onnit’s team to ensure the products could be made, and would have the proper weight, size, and balance to perform as useful fitness equipment.


  • Design Implementation
  • Design for Manufacturing