A rendering of the Lancer IBD BOLD 30i soda machine with all of the tray, nozzles and side pieces separated from one another.
The Lancer IBD BOLD 30i, highlighting in 3 panels how the hydraulic hinge extends the selection monitor.
This is a rendering of the lancer soda machine with the screen panel up highlighting the intricate 18 valve soda dispensers.
A close up rendering of the lancer IBD BOLD 30i, highlighting the fountain feature of where the liquids would be extruded and the buttons above the nozzles.
This is a rendering of the lancer soda machine with all of the pieces separated from one another, highlighting the metal pieces that allow the screen of the soda machine to pivot up and in place.
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The Lancer logo in gray, "Lancer TM World Wide."


Lancer Worldwide has been making beverage dispensers for over 50 years. The IBD BOLD 30i is their first modular beverage dispensing product. The touchscreen LCD interface allows users to select from up to 24 brands of different soft drinks. It has an integrated icemaker and navigation pad to ensure ADA compliance. The dispenser is also a connected smart product, providing improved monitoring and maintenance.

Pump worked with Lancer and their industrial design partner to develop an articulating touchscreen display. Our mechanism allows the display to be rotated up and out of the way, giving service providers access to the valves and manifolds at the core of the IBD BOLD 30i. The touchscreen is an integral part of the unit’s operation even during servicing. Thus, the screen has to be accessible and usable when rotated out of the way. Pump helped develop a mechanism that is easy to use while also not violating competitors’ patents in this product space.

Pump worked with the industrial design partner to implement the cosmetic panels that provide the overall aesthetic for the unit. Part of that challenge was figuring out the panel attachment, as well as optimizing their alignment, to the large sheet metal parts. Pump also worked on the sneeze guards, drip trays, nozzle covers, and associated accessories for the overall assembly.

Pump collaborated with Lancer’s in-house manufacturing team to optimize the design to work with their metal stamping capabilities. We also assisted with prototype assembly and evaluation, ensuring we met tight deadlines and key customer delivery dates. 


  • Concept Generation
  • Design Implementation
  • Prototyping
  • Mechanical Design
  • Detailed Design / DFM
  • Production Support