The Apex cooler hitch rack.
The Apex hitchrack, locking mount, and apex cooler.
The side metal mounting attachment.
The Apex cooler mount attached to the back of motor vehicle.
The Apex cooler mount and Apex cooler attached to the back of a Toyota Land Cruiser.
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The Apex Cooler System logo in gray. "APEX COOLER SYSTEM" with two over lapping A's above the text that form a triangle.

Hitch Rack

APEX approached Pump to help them craft a cooler mounting system for their rotomolded coolers. APEX wanted a flexible rack solution that allows customers to transport their coolers safely and securely. That way they can focus on making the most out of their outdoor experience and not worrying about their cooler being left unsecured or vulnerable to theft.

We leveraged APEX’s patented interlocking features, molded into their line of coolers, as the attaching and securing elements in our rack solutions. We specified high quality carbon steel and stainless steel to ensure the racks withstand their rugged environment, while also making sure to keep the cooler lid and drain plug accessible when the system is unlocked. We even developed an optional latch cover and custom lock for extra protection.

We focused on the hitch rack concept first and then expanded to a bed rack solution. By approaching these products as a designed system, we were able to share many of the same fabricated components across both rack systems. This provides a cost effective solution for APEX to produce and a common user experience for their customers to enjoy.


  • Concept Development
  • System Architecture
  • Detailed Design
  • System Integration
  • Testing and Refinement
  • Ramp-Up and Production Support