A rendering of the Hidratespark 3, a blue smart water bottle.
A teardown of the Hidratespark 3.
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The HidrateSpark logo in gray, "HidrateSpark".

HidrateSpark 3

Hidrate approached Pump Studios as a rapidly growing startup, looking to improve the performance of their flagship product. The HidrateSpark is a smart water bottle that helps track your water intake and reminds you to stay hydrated. Pump quickly solved quality issues on the HidrateSpark 2.0 with implementation of minor tooling changes, and moved on to re-packaging Hidrate’s sensor technology to improve the reliability and usability in the next generation bottle. By moving the sensor to a second cap (on the bottom of the bottle) and moving battery access outside of the water volume, Pump enabled easier battery changes, increased battery life with a higher capacity battery, and allowed for easier bottle filling and cleaning.

Pump developed several concepts to package the sensor and battery, prototyped the solution, and developed tests to validate the sealing performance of the assembly. Pump was able to quickly iterate the design, and provide tooling ready mechanical solutions to Hidrate’s vendor, enabling a rapid launch of the next generation bottle: HidrateSpark 3.


  • Design Evaluation
  • Concept Development
  • Detail Design
  • Testing and Refinement
  • Production Documentation