Two Smart Grid Solutions F1-5A Overhead Fault Indicators laying on a white surface, one facing away the other not.
The Smart Grid Solutions f1-5! Overhead Fault Indicator attached to a black pole.
The Smart Grid Solutions F1-3C Underground Faulted Circuit Indicator on a table and attached to a black pole.
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The Smart Grid Solutions logo in gray. "sgs" with 12 white dots rapping around the top to the middle of the bottom.

Circuit Fault Indicators

Smart Grid Solutions approached Pump Studios looking to develop their own proprietary line of circuit fault indicators. Their request was to develop both overhead and underground circuit fault indicators that provide best-in-class functionality and usability. They also needed to be uniquely their own.

Pump supported the full design and production process, working closely with the electrical team at Smart Grid Solutions to ensure easy access to properly sized batteries, adequate sealing of the internal electronics, and good visibility for fault indication.

The overhead indicator includes both motorized mechanical and optical LED indicators, and provides direct access to the replaceable batteries. The underground unit is compact, well sealed, and carries the Smart Grid Solutions brand without compromising functionality.

After validating the functional design with prototypes, Pump supported the project through tooling, production, and product launch.


  • Design Implementation
  • Mechanical Design
  • Detailed Design / DFM
  • Production Support