M1 & G1 Micro Docks

The Micro Dock for the iKey is sitting upright to highlight all the plug ins and port, while the tablet is laying on its back, highlighting the ports that correspond to the dock.

After the success of the Jumpseat Keyboard, iKey saw an opportunity to provide expanded IO and charging for the M1 and G1 tablets, without the overhead of the full keyboard. Pump was able to highly leverage the attachment architecture from the keyboards, to develop secure docking solutions with expanded connectivity. Because the attachment mechanisms were developed […]

M1 Jumpseat Keyboard

The iKey G1 keyboard and the Panasonic tablet attached, open to highlight the keyboard.

Following the success of their G1 Jumpseat keyboard, Ikey returned with the difficult challenge of attaching a rugged keyboard to Panasonic’s smaller M1 Tablet. Pump developed a concept for easy, tool-less attachment mechanism. The mechanism employs a novel pivoting hook, and sliding cam to engage the tablet. Like the G1 Jumpseat keyboard, the M1 keyboard is resistant […]


The iKey PDRT, a mounting screen that mounts a tablet on the back. The PDRT has a key on the right side locking in place the Panasonic tablet.

iKey worked with Pump to develop the world’s first display with a built-in dock, the PDRT, designed exclusively for the Panasonic FZ-M1 Toughpad. The display, a daylight readable, capacitive touch screen, is designed to mount in a vehicle, and giving maximum capability to the 7” M1 tablet. To allow for secure docking, and easy removal, Pump […]