A clear rendering of the American Innovation's Bullhorn internal mechanisms.
The American Innovations bullhorn on top of a reflective surface.
The American Innovation's Bullhorn deconstructed into 3 pieces on a reflective surface.
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The American Innovations logo in gray. "American Innovations" with a lower case a in a circle on the left side.


American Innovations Bullhorn Product line ensures the safety of people and the environment by monitoring cathodic protection (CP) systems such as rectifiers, test points, compressors, tanks, and other critical assets. Pump worked closely with American Innovations (AI) to design a versatile, rugged, user-friendly enclosure for the product family, initially as a platform for AI’s new remote monitoring products. Acting as an extension of AI’s internal engineering group, and collaborating with marketing, and sales groups, Pump delivered a design unique in this highly specialized industry.

The design provides a sealed, rugged, and interchangeable electronic enclosure. The modular design – including a functional and weather tight upper assembly, along with a series of different mounting bases – can be installed onto existing, industry-standard Test Stations or in any number of other environments. This provides flexibility to users and in-field installers.

The product architecture provides a versatile, sealed enclosure that American Innovations (AI) can leverage for future products, enabling higher volumes, and quicker time to market for new designs.


  • System Architecture
  • Concept Development
  • Detail Design
  • Testing and Refinement
  • Ramp-Up and Production Support

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