An image of Brane X speakers stacked blowing a man out of his chair, while he is holding on to the back of the chair.
A teardown rendering of the Brane X speaker.
The Brane X speaker being held above a table.
Brane X speaker sitting on a white table.
Brane's Rebel-Attract-Driver sitting on a white table.
A rendering of the Brane speaker tearing down from the front panel.
The Brane Rebel-Attract-Driver audio output compared to a normal speaker.
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Brane X Teardown
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The Brane logo in gray.

Brane X

Brane Audio entered the audio world with a revolutionary new technology that will transform the speaker industry. Brane has fundamentally changed the architecture of the loudspeaker itself for the first time in over 100 years. The electrodynamic loudspeaker was first developed in 1921 and embodied the fundamental components of a Stationary Magnet, voice coil, suspension spider, and speaker cone. This same basic design has been replicated in loudspeakers since then with incremental improvements coming in materials, manufacturing, and process control.

The Brane X speaker changes this formula with the new Repel–Attract–Driver (RAD), which employs a custom magnet array to radically improve the efficiency and excursion of the speaker. Brane’s design allows the speaker to move a LOT more air with less power creating bass notes that are the equivalent of much larger speakers. The increased sound and efficiency are huge gains in the quality of sound.

Pump Studios has been working with Brane Audio since 2019 to refine and package this new and unique loudspeaker. Some of the challenges with this new technology include creating an enclosed volume that can accommodate a significantly higher pressure than a traditional loudspeaker (due to the large excursions and travel of the speaker), as well as helping design a separate volume within the speaker for the tweeter and mid-range speakers that operate at a lower pressure.

Pump Studios has supported Brane in the research and development of this exciting new platform as well as the product design of the Brane X speaker. Areas of support include engineering the speaker enclosure and working to ensure that the product will reliably show the best of this new technology.  


  • System Architecture
  • Detail Design
  • Testing / Refinement
  • Ramp-Up / Production Support

Awards & Accolades

  • Red Dot Winner 2023