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American Innovations : Allegro QX Field Data PC


  • System Architecture
  • Concept Development
  • Detail Design
  • Testing and Refinement
  • Ramp-Up and Production Support

With the previous version of their Field Data PC nearing end of life on several critical components, American Innovations came to Pump with the goal of designing a new product leveraging the next generation device. Pump worked closely with the PC manufacturer, Juniper Systems, and designed a completely new docking solution, and an independently enclosed, and sealed DVM (Digital Voltage Meter), which are integrated seamlessly (and aesthetically) with the hand held device. In addition, the DVM and docking bay meet the requirements necessary for un-interrupted use in harsh conditions.

Housed in its own sealed enclosure, the DVM meets all the functional and environmental requirements with or without the hand held computer. The modular system was designed with the ease of servicing and calibration requirements in mind, and allows the handheld PC to maintain its robust set of environmental specifications even when the DVM is removed.

Critical engineering analysis, and multiple rounds of testing were performed to ensure the product was rugged and safe for users – ensuring the product design can pass multiple, challenging safety standards including UL and TUV.