Sharper Image – Fogless Mirror

When Merchsource approached Pump Studios, they wanted to design a shower mirror that could eliminate steam on the glass, play music, light up, and have a wide range of adjustments. As a shower-installed product, the device also needed to meet stringent sealing requirements.The first challenge was to reduce fogging on the mirror in a steamy […]

Sharper Image – Spastudio Shower Caddy

MerchSource approached Pump Studios with a desire to improve the shower caddy category of tension poles. One of the biggest challenges was providing an adjustment/locking mechanism that did not violate competitive patents. Accessories that mount to the pole must also be easily adjusted without impacting the tension pole position. Pump brainstormed different ways to adjust […]


MerchSource is a full-service, vertically-integrated, retail supplier for a diverse portfolio of in-house and licensed brands, including Sharper Image. Pump has worked with MerchSource to solve strategic and complex mechanical problems on products that help MerchSource redefine product categories. Some projects only required our ideation and brainstorming to lead them in the right direction. Others […]


The Pebbl is the first physical product developed by Soul Sparks Collective. The Pebbl is a posture-promoting floor chair designed to comfortably bring you in contact with your surroundings and allow you to focus on the moment, while sitting comfortably in various meditation poses. Pump worked with Soul Sparks Collective and their design partner to […]


Lancer Worldwide has been making beverage dispensers for over 50 years. The IBD BOLD 30i is their first modular beverage dispensing product. The touchscreen LCD interface allows users to select from up to 24 brands of different soft drinks. It has an integrated icemaker and navigation pad to ensure ADA compliance. The dispenser is also a […]

Smart Shower System

Shower Stream solves behavioral water waste in hotel showers. The founders of this local startup recognized that small behavioral changes can yield massive savings in water and energy for the hotel environment. By sensing the shower occupant, and the water temperature, Shower Stream’s Smart Shower System automatically shuts off if the water is up to […]

SPAN Drive

SPAN is bringing artificial intelligence and smart technology into the home. The SPAN Drive is their next step in this ecosystem, allowing users to charge their EVs with energy collected from their roof-mounted solar arrays. The system also allows scheduling vehicle charging during off-peak hours when grid-supplied electricity costs are typically lower. As an outdoor product, the SPAN […]


Anue Systems, now known as ixia, originally approached Pump for assistance on their 5288- Net tool optimizer to create a new high-density network monitoring switch. Based on those results, our next task was developing a 1U System for data centers and telecom base stations. Through both collaborations, Pump was able to help with the mechanical […]

Parth Patel

Parth is originally from Gujarat, India. He relocated to the U.S in 2008 and earned his Mechanical Engineering degree from Oregon State University in 2020. Parth likes to observe things, finding the reasoning behind their existence and how they work, which is why he chose to pursue Mechanical Engineering as his career. His professional engineering […]

M1 & G1 Micro Docks

After the success of the Jumpseat Keyboard, iKey saw an opportunity to provide expanded IO and charging for the M1 and G1 tablets, without the overhead of the full keyboard. Pump was able to highly leverage the attachment architecture from the keyboards, to develop secure docking solutions with expanded connectivity. Because the attachment mechanisms were developed […]